Fransiskus de Sales Borta Rumapea was born on December 28, 1967 in Palipi-Samosir, North Sumatra. He joined the Carmelite Order by entering the novitiate in Batu on July 19, 1989. He proclaimed his first simple profession on July 29, 1991 and his solemn profession on August 15, 1996. He was ordained on November 21, 1997. He was assigned as the parish priest of Perdagangan and then Tanjung Balai in North Sumatera. The provincial council saw his competence to become a formator so that he was sent to Melbourne to continue his study at The Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia. Finishing his study, he was assigned as the formator of the post pastoral Carmelite students in Malang. After several years working in Java, he was sent to Timor Leste to become the novice master there. In 2007 he came back to Sumatera and became the rector of the Prophet Elijah Carmelite Postulate in Sidikalang, North Sumatera. In 2009 he was elected as the commissary of the Sumatera Provincial Commissariat. He was reelected I 2012. Upon finishing his term, he was assigned as the parish priest of Perdagangan until present time.