Simple Profession Flores

On July 20, 2016 eleven young men professed their first vows at the Chapel of the Carmelite Novitiate in Nita, Maumere, Flores, after having completed their two year novitiate. They are Bro. Figilius Fren More O.Carm., Bro. Yulius Dala Pede O.Carm., Bro. Fransiskus Mbabho O.Carm., Bro. Yohanes Seran O.Carm., Bro. Donatus Djagom O.Carm., Bro. Gaudens Kandidus Marsiano Djago O.Carm., Bro. Inosensius Sumbi Sola O.Carm., Bro. Justeen Djumdjick O.Carm., Bro. Alexander Raymon Dhena O.Carm., Bro. Florianus Hure O.Carm., and Bro. Yosep Benedict Karunia Rihi O.Carm. They all then moved to the formation house at Wairklau, Maumere to continue their Carmelite formation and study at the Ledalero School of Theology and Philosophy.