Nomination of Pidyarto
Fr. Henricus Pidyarto with Mgr. Herman Joseph Sahadat Pandajaputra O.Carm. on the nomination day in the Church of Saint Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel – Cathedral of Malang Diocese.


On June 28, 2016 Fr. Henricus Pidyarto Gunawan, O.Carm., of the Province of Indonesia has been nominated by Pope Francis as the bishop of the diocese of Malang, in Indonesia, Fr. Henricus was born at Malang in Indonesia, on 13th July 1955. Following his profession in the Order on 15th January 1976, he was ordained priest on 7th February 1982. Since 2012 he was president of the “Philosophical and Theological Higher Institute ‘Widya Sasana’”. In his first speech after his nomination, he said that this nomination was really surprised him and he asked for supports from everybody so that he might lead well the local Church of Malang.


Karmelit Jakarta Bersama Mgr Henricus Pidyarto OCarm
The Carmelite Community in Jakarta was celebrating the promotion of Mgr. Henricus Pidyarto by having lunch together on July 3, 2016