Carmelite NGO

On June 28, 2016, the Carmelite NGO met in Rome. Members of the coordinating team of the Carmelite NGO presented in the meeting were: Jane Remson, Conrad Mutizamhepo, Hariawan Adji, William Harry, Eduardo Agosta Scarel. Blaise Fernando, Andrea Ventimiglia, while members of the animating team presented in the meeting were: Annah Theresa Nyadombo and Renato. One of topics discussed in the meeting was the new post for animating team. The executive committee had already elected the members of the animating team. They were Gabrielle Fogarty, TOC (Australia), Esther Martin Lozano, TOC (Iberic Region), Jorge Monterosso, O.Carm. (Central America), Annah Theresa Nyadombo, HOLMC (Africa), Renato Rallo (Europe), Mary Ellen Wheelahan, O.Carm. (Asia), Rolf Nepomuk Willemsen, O.Carm. (North America). The meeting also discussed about the requirements for local NGOs run by Carmelites to partnership with the Carmelite NGO. It is decided that the local NGOs need to write a proposal to partnership with the NGO. Then, the meeting discussed about the project on the Curriculum on Environment that had been started a year ago. The curriculum was almost ready to be used and distributed among Carmelite schools. Finally, the meeting discussed about the works that had to be done by the members in the following year.