On Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 08.30 a.m. in Surabaya, Fr. Gerardus Majella Johanes Bosco Da Cunha passed away. He belonged to the Indonesian Province of the Carmelite Order. He was born in Ende on July 8, 1949. Upon finishing his minor seminary in Flores, he joined the Order on 11 January 1970 as a novice. Two years after that, on January 10, 1972, he had his first profession in the Order. On January 13, 1977 he had his solemn profession in Batu. One year after that, on June 18, 1978 he was ordained as a priest in Maumere, Flores. After his ordination he was assigned as the parish priest in Mauloo Flores. Then, he was sent to Rome to study liturgy. Finishing his study he became the lecturer of Widya Sasana School of Theology and Philosophy, Malang. He was also asked to be the formator of different formation houses in Batu and Malang. In 2008 he was elected as the Executive Secretary of the Office of Liturgy of the Indonesian Bishop Conference in Jakarta. Due to his bad health, he retired in 2015 and moved to the Provincial House in Malang. A day before passing away, he had a heart surgery in the hospital. After the surgery his condition was good and he shared that the Lord has given him a new heart. He passed away in the following morning. God has given him not only a new heart but a new life.