St. Albert Carmelite High School - 1

St. Albert Carmelite High School is located in Malang. It was the first Catholic school in the city. It was founded in 1936 by Fr. Petrus Nicolaus Kramer, O.Carm., a Dutch Carmelite. Since its beginning this school was intended to provide good education for Indonesian young people. When it was started, the school was located on Jalan Rampal, but then in 1942 it was moved to the present building on Jalan Talang no. 1 Malang. When Japan came and took over Indonesia from the Dutch, the building on Jalan Talang was bombed. A lot of people were killed in the building. The building then was taken over by the Japanese who used it as their homebase. Between 1942-1946, the school did not operate due to the bad situation. In 1946, the school was reopened and took place at the building on Jalan Celaket (now it is used for Cor Jesu High School run by Ursuline Sisters). In the same year, the school was moved to the building just in front of Cor Jesu High School (now it is a orphanage run by Miscericordie Sisters). Then it was moved to another building on Jalan Celaket no. 21 Malang (now it becomes the Frateran High School run by the Mary Mother of the Sacred Heart Brothers). In 1949 it moved back to the old building on Jalan Talang no. 1 Malang.  St. Albert Carmelite High School now becomes one of the best schools in Malang. Many of its graduates became and becomes important people in the country. This year it celebrates its 80th anniversary.