Live In Lampung

On April 13-18, 2016, Fr. F.X. Sulitya Heru Prabawa O.Carm. and  Bro. Yesaya Singgih O.Carm. went to Lampung to attend the vocation weekend held by the parish of Tulang Bawang. Many religious from different congregations participated in the weekend. All participants lived in the housing areas located in the palm and rubber plantation. Most Catholics in the parish are descendants of the migrants from the Central Java and East Java, partly came from Jakarta and North Sumatra. The Catholics scatter in various units of the division. Most of them work as rubber farmers while some work as laborers in the palm plantations. The main task of the religious in this program was to invite the members of the family to pray and read the gospel. In addition they shared their experience as religious especially to the young people so that they may understand the life and the vocation of religious in the Catholic Church. The program was ended with a Mass in the parish.