Simon Rande

Lucianus Simon Rande was born in Wolowiro, NTT on October 1, 1955. He joined the Carmelite Order on January 5, 1973, and had his first simple profession on January 5, 1975, and solem profession on January 6, 1980. He was ordained as a priest on December 18, 1980. After his ordination he was assigned to be assistant to the parish priest in Flores. Later, he was send to have further studies at the University of Indonesia (1981 – 1985). He, then, taught at Widya Sasana School of Theology and Philosophy Malang, Widya Karya University Malang, Brawijaya University  and Merdeka University Malang (1986-1987). He was also one of the formation staffs of the inter-diocesan Seminary of Giovanni Malang (1986 – 1987). Furthermore, he moved to North Sumatera and became the faculty member of  St. Thomas Catholic University, Medan. He also had been the commissary of the Sumatera Commissariat. Finishing his term, he moved to Melbourne and became the chaplain of the Indonesian Catholics of the  Archdiocese of Melbourne ( 2007-2009). From 2009 – 2015 he served as the prior and the  formator at Johannes a Sancto Samsone Carmelite formation house, Malang. From 2012-2015, he also served as the council member of the Indonesian Province.