Deaconate Ordination - 2016 Malang.jpg

On February 4, 2016, seven Indonesian Carmelite students were ordained as deacons at the Cathedral of St. Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, Malang. They were ordained by Mgr. H.J.S. Pandoyoputro,O.Carm. Along with them there are five other students from different congregations and diocese of Malang.  The names of the new Carmelite deacons are: Deacon Herman Joseph Nampak Wijaya, O.Carm., Deacon Adrianus Feriyanto, O.Carm., Deacon. Alexander Romualdus Dimas Pele Alu, O.Carm., Deacon Manaek  Martinus  Sinaga, O.Carm., Deacon Sri Joni  Passali, O.Carm., Deacon Yohanes  Bosco  Didik  Prihartono, O.Carm., and Deacon Yohanes  Andi  Sumaryono, O.Carm. After their ordination they are assigned to assist pastoral works in some parishes in the diocese.