Sumbul Parish which had been a part of Sidikalang Parish was founded on 5 July 1967. It had 1,929 parishioners. It was named under St. Dionysius, a discalced Carmelite who was killed in Aceh during his missionary visit. Fr. Quirinus Kramer O. Carm., a Dutch Carmelite, who had been the parish priest of Sidikalang was assigned to be the parish priest of this new parish. He spent a lot of time visiting and proclaiming the Gospel to the people that the number of the Catholics increased rapidly. In five years, from 1968 to 1973, he started seven stations. When he left the parish, the number of the parishioners was 4,110. Fr. Kramer was replaced by Fr. Anthony Scerri O. Carm., an Australian Carmelite. He was helped by Fr.  Paul Gurr O.Carm, Fr. Alan May O.Carm., and Bro. Timotius O.Carm. who were also members of the Australian Province. During that time the Church in Sumbul was built. The architecture of the Church adopted traditional house of Pak-Pak, an ethnic group living in the area. Fr. Anthony Scerry finished his term in 1982. When he left the number of the parishioners was 8,513. He founded eight stations. He was replaced by Fr. Agustinus Girin O. Carm. , a Javanese Carmelite. He worked there for six years and founded six stations. When he left the number of parishioners was 10,285. Fr. Agustinus Purnomo O. Carm., another Javanese Carmelite, was assigned to replace him. He worked there for three years and founded two stations. He was then replaced by Fr. Danrisman Sitanggang, Fr. Lukas Joko Prasetyo, and at the present time the parish priest is Fr. Yoakim Lako O.Carm.