E Siswanto
Fr. Emmanuel Siswanto was born in Malang on December 22, 1929. In 1952 he entered the Carmelite Novitiate at Batu. Fr. Siswanto chose to join the Carmelite Order because he believed the spirituality of this order fitted his personality: following the footsteps of Jesus Christ in contemplation and fraternity with the spirit of Virgin Mary and Prophet Elijah. In 1953 Fr. Siswanto had his profession. He, then, attended the school of philosophy and theology until 1960. In 1956 he had his solemn profession. Three years after that, in 1959, he was ordained as a priest together with his older brother, Fr. Djanardono Poespowardojo O.Carm..  One year after his priestly ordination, he still needed to complete his study. After finishing his theology, Fr. Siswanto was assigned to take another subject. He studied Mathematics and Science (1960-1963). While he was taking this subject, he was assigned to become the director of the Carmelite boarding house. Finishing his study, he was promoted to become the principal of Mater Dei Carmelite High School in Probolinggo (1963-1967). In 1967 he was assigned as the principal of St. Albert Carmelite High School in Malang. He worked hard to develop the school and he made it. He finished his term there in 1997. It means that he had been working in the school for thirty years. During his term as the principal of the school he had other assignments. He was the director of Carmelite Minor Seminary in Malang from 1979 to 1994. He was also elected as the Prior Provincial of the Indonesian province for two terms: 1973 to 1976 and 1976 to 1979. He retired from the school in 1997 and became the head of Sancta Maria Foundation which operates the Carmelite Schools. He was also active in fundraising efforts for funding the education of young Carmelites. He was also active in founding St. Albert alumni community in many different cities in Indonesia. In December 2001 he was asked again to become the principal of St. Albert. Unfortunately, this term was only three months since he passed away on 13 April 2002.