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On 7 February 2016, Fr. Benny Phang Khong Wing O.Carm., the general councilor of Asia Oceania and Fr. Raul Maravi O.Carm., the general councilor of America, met the Carmelite student brothers (temporary professed and novices) of the provincial commissariat of East Indonesia (part of the Indonesian Province). Almost one hundred student bothers attended the program. Then on 14 February 2016, they had the same program in Malang. Thirty two Carmelite student brothers from the area of Java attended the program. In both programs Fr. Benny Phang and Fr. Raul Maravi explained about the six year plan of the general councilor (2013-2019) and invited the student brothers to involve in the discussion on the theme. They also invited the student brothers to share their experience as young Carmelite and to give inputs and suggestions to the Order in general. All participants were very happy with the program that they involved actively in the discussion.