The presence of Carmelite Order in Flores was initiated by the agreement between Mgr. Donatus Djagom, SVD, the archbishop of Ende and Fr. G.A. Hardjoko Hardjomardjojo O.Carm., the Prior Provincial of Indonesian Province, in 1969. The bishop of the archdiocese of Ende invited the Carmelites to work in his area and share the Carmelite spirituality with the people of the diocese.

On 24 September 1969, three Indonesian Carmelites were send to pioneer the Carmelite presence in the area. They were Fr. Franciscus Xaverius Sardjono O.Carm., Fr. Igantius Widodo Karmautama O.Carm. and Bro. Jacobus Suradji O.Carm. After three day travelling on the ship, they arrived in Ende and received by the archbishop. In the following week they were taken by the archbishop to Mauloo, an area close to the beach of Sawu Sea. They took over the parish of Holy Cross and started the Carmelite presence there. At that time all people living in Mauloo were devout Catholic. These pioneers worked hard to introduce Carmelite spirituality to them. Not long after their coming, many young people were interested to become Carmelites.

From this small parish, the Carmelites grow and expand to different places in Flores island. The Indonesian Province have got a lot of vocations from this area. Nowadays,  there are almost 50 solemn professed and almost 100 simply professed Carmelites from the area.