Mary Flower of Carmel community is located on Jalan Kusuma no.1 Meruya, South Jakarta. This community is located within the city plot, which is surrounded by a variety of luxury housing in the suburbs of Jakarta. Not far from the location of this community, there is a community of Carmelite sisters (Hermanas Carmelitas).

The members of this Carmelite community are the Carmelites who serve the parish of Meruya Jakarta (Mary Flower of Carmel Catholic Church Jakarta. This community started on April 2, 1997 while the Church of Mary Flower of Carmel has been functioning since April 2, 1995. During the period between April 1995 and April 1997, the Carmelites who served this parish lived in the priory of Mary Mother of Carmel, Tomang, South Jakarta. After the new priory was ready, Fr. A. J. Soedibjo O.Carm., the Prior Provincial of that time, inaugurated the priory.

At this time May Flower of Carmel community consists of three Carmelites: Fr. Martinus Gunawan Wibisono O.Carm., Fr. Adrianus Pristiyono O.Carm. and Fr. Andreas Novem Munjil Wahyono O.Carm.