Mgr. Everard Jean Antoine Avertanus Albers O.Carm. was born on February 7, 1904 in Neijmegen, the Netherlands. He was ordained as a priest on June 14, 1930. Later, he was assigned to the mission area of the Dutch province in Java. Because of his intelligence and the good life, when Mgr. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. the Prefect Apostolic Malang died, he was appointed to be the prefect of the Apostolic Malang on January 28, 1935. Along with the increasing status of  the Church in Malang, he was appointed as the Vicar Apostolic of Malang with the title of titular bishop Thubunae in Numidia on March 15, 1939. He was then ordained as a titular bishop on August 10, 1939.

Along with the establishment of the Catholic Church hierarchy in Indonesia through the promulgation of the Apostolic Constitution Christus Quod Adorandus by Pope John XXIII, Mgr. Everard Jean Antoine Avertanus Albers O.Carm was appointed as the Bishop of the Diocese of Malang on January 3, 1961.

Mgr. Everard Jean Antoine Avertanus Albers O.Carm. was one of the fathers of Vatican II. He attended the complete sessions of the Second Vatican Council beginning in 1962 until 1965: Session One (11 October to 8 December 1962), Second Session (29 September to 4 December 1963), Third Session (14 September to 21 November 1964) and the Fourth Session (14 September to 8 December 1965).

When his health deteriorated, on March 1, 1973, he decided to resign from his position as the bishop of Malang. He, then, retired and passed away as the Emeritus Bishop of Malang on 22 October 1980. At the time he was 77 years old and had been ministering as a priest for 5 years and  as bishop for 41 years.