The Holy Cross Carmelite Community – Mauloo is located in the District of Paga, Sikka. The community was started in 1969 by the late Carmelites: Fr. Sardjono O.Carm. dan Fr. Widodo O.Carm. At that time they moved to the area to take over the ministry started by the SVD in 1920. Fr. Sardjono O.Carm. dan Fr. Widodo O.Carm. were the first Javanese Carmelite missionaries to Flores. They built a solid foundation for the Carmelite mission there that now the Catholic people there really had a Carmelite character. The province also has set up other institutions to support the mission, such as the Catholic schools and the retreat house.

There are four Carmelites living in the community at the present time. They are Fr. Marcelus Barus O.Carm., Fr. Mento O.Carm., Fr. Romy O.Carm. and Bro. Dionisius O.Carm. Those who live in the community work for the parish of Holy Cross – Mauloo. They provide different kind of ministries to the Catholic people living in the area. There are many Indonesian Carmelites who were born and grew up in this area. Until the present time there are still a lot candidates coming from this area. Not far from the location of this community, there is another Carmelite Community, the Carmelite Community of Mageria. They sometimes meet and have some common programs.