Opening the month of Rosary, on October 1, 2015 the parish of Immaculate Mary, Kepanjen Malang had a special procession. The objective of this event is to introduce the Catholic adoration toward Jesus Christ and Mary to the people living in the surrounding area.

The procession was started at the parish Church of Immaculate Mary and ended at the station of Pagelaran, about 17 kilometers from the parish Church. The statue of Mary was placed in open car so that people could see it. About one kilometer from the station of Pagelaran, the car stopped and the statue of Mary was brought by four men. They were welcomed by the Catholics and local people who had been waiting for the statue. They all walked together and danced along the way to the station of Pagelaran.

Among the groups participated in the procession were students of Islamic high school who led the procession with their drum band group, and members of Hinduism youth group in Kepanjen who danced Bali Legong dance. In the procession they also brought the harvest (fruits, vegetables and cassava) to be offered to the Lord and to be distributed to the people who participated in the procession.

When the procession arrived at the station, the parish priest, Fr. Petrus Pahala said the prayer and blessed the harvest. Then, people were invited to take the harvest and brought it home. The Catholics then continued the procession into the chapel and had the Eucharistic celebration.