Prophet Elijah Carmelite Pre-Novitiate is located on Jalan Batu Kapur no. 359 A Kuta Gambir, Sidikalang. This pre-novitiate was blessed on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 by the Archbishop of Medan, Mgr. A.G.P Datubara OFM Cap. and formally opened by Dr. M.P. Tumanggor, the regent leader of Dairi. The purpose of the establishment of Prophet Elijah Carmelite pre-novitiate is to provide the initial formation for the Carmelite candidates who do not study at a minor seminary. Dairi was chosen as the place where the pre-novitiate is because in this region there are several parishes run by the Carmelites. It is expected that young men from the Carmelite parishes who may be interested in becoming Carmelites borthers or priests can study in that place.The location of the Prophet Elijah Carmelite Pre-Noviatiate is not far from the Catholic Church of Sidikalang, the Church of Maria the helper for Christians. This church is run by the Carmelites.

Prophet Elijah pre-novitiate has been operated for ten years. It has educated forty-three students. Not all of them finally decided to proceed to a higher stage, the Carmelite novitiate, either because they decided not to continue their vocation or because they were not accepted. The statistics show that only twenty-seven of them joined the novitiate. Currently three graduates of the Prophet Elijah Carmelite Pre-Novitiate have had their solemn vows. One of them, Brother Kardiaman Simbolon O.Carm. will be ordained as a priest this coming November. The other is still studying in Malang and hopefully will be ordained the following year. The other graduate choose to become a Carmelite brother.

Some Carmelites have served as the formators of the Pre-Novitiate, they are: Fr. Paulus Triyuwono O.Carm., Fr. Borta Rumapea O.Carm., Fr. Beslon Pandiangan O.Carm, Fr. Malau Kartolo O.Carm., Fr. Julius Sudharnoto O.Carm., Fr. Thamrin Berutu O.Carm. and Fr. Roberto Hasudungan Sianturi O.Carm. Currently the rector of the Pre-Novitiate is Fr. Emanuel Sonny Wibisiono O.Carm.

At the moment there are 5 (five) candidates who are educated in the Pre-Novitiate. Every day they practice how to live as Carmelites. Just like the Carmelites, every day all of them together carry out the daily prayer, meditation and daily Mass. The candidates also learn about the spirituality of Carmel, and other subject related to their vocation, and practice living in simplicity and working with their hands. Every day the candidates are asked to write their daily reflections down. Every Saturday, the reflections are submitted to the rector who will then examine by the candidates.