Fr. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. was born on June 13, 1885 in the Netherlands. After Fr. Dr. Cyprianus Verbeek O.Carm., the provincial of the Dutch Province of the Carmelite Order (the province of Hollandia-Germanica) received the offer to start the mission in Java – Indonesia, he appointed Fr. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. together with Fr. Mattheus Henckens Franciscus O. Carm. and Fr. Paschalis Breukel O. Carm. to be the missionaries in the mission area.

Before starting the mission in Java, in 1922, they organized a pilgrimage to Rome to meet and receive the apostolic blessing from Pope Pius XI. At that time they also met Cardinal W.M. van Rossum, the Prefect of the Office of Mission in Vatican. He elected Fr. Clemente van der Pas as the Mission Superior Mission of Java and personally asked him to start the mission for the Javanese people.

Then, before leaving for the new mission area, on May 20, 1923 Fr. Dr. Cyprianus Verbeek O.Carm. held a ceremony at the Carmelite in Oss, The Netherlands. All of them received a mission cross from Fr. Dr. Cyprianus Verbeek O.Carm. symbolizing their assignment to preach the Gospel in the mission area.

Those three Carmelite missionaries went to Java by Johan de Witt ship. They started sailing on June 6, 1923 from the port of Genoa, Italy to Batavia for 24 days. They arrived in Batavia on Saturday, June 30, 1923 at 07.00 in the morning and were welcomed by the Jesuit fathers who had been waiting for them. They were taken to the priory to have a rest. They stayed there for two days. On Monday morning, July 2, 1923 they went to Buitenzorg (Bogor), where there was a Jesuit father already waiting for them at the station. They were taken to botanical garden which they found it very beautiful. They did not stay long in Bogor and continued their journey to Bandung. They were very impressed by the beauty of the landscape. In his letter to  Fr. Dr. Cyprian Verbeek O.Carm., the Provincial of the Carmelite Province Hollandia-Germanica, he wrote: “Tuesday we went to Bandung in a very enjoyable trip. We passed the hilly areas and valleys, everywhere forest and agricultural land turns. It was like heaven.” They spent a night in Bandung and continued their journey to Muntilan where the Jesuits had their Catholic schools. They stopped there for a night and early in the morning they departed from Muntilan to Surabaya. They arrived in Surabaya on July 5, 1923. They stopped there for one night and went to Malang, their main destination. It must have been a very long tiring journey but they did it happily.

Fr. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. and his two colleagues arrived in Malang on July 6, 1923. They immediately met Fr. Sondaal, Father Fischer SJ and Rm. vam den Heuvel SJ at the Sacred Heart Church in Kayutangan, Malang. Finally, the mission of the Catholic Church in Malang formally were taken over from the Jesuits to the Carmelites on 1 August 1923. Rm. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. was appointed as the Superior of the Carmelite Mission in Malang and also served as the parish priest in the city of Malang.

On July 19, 1927, he was appointed by Pope Pius XI to become the Apostolic Prefect of Malang. Then, on November 20, 1927, he was appointed to be the Apostolic Vicar of Malang with the title of bishop of the titular Aezani by Mgr. Franz Anton Pieter van Velsen SJ.

Fr. Celemente van der Pas O.Carm. passed away on December 16, 1933 at age of 48 years. At that time Fr. Clemente van der Pas O.Carm. had been the Superior of the Carmelite Mission Malang for 5 years and the Apostolic Vicar of Malang for 8 years.