From Wednesday, September 16, 2015 until Thursday September 17, 2015 in the afternoon, the functionaries of the Indonesian Province of the Carmelite Order attended the workshop held by the Provincial Council. The goal of the workshop is to coordinate the work of all commissions, committees and delegations so that they may collaborate harmoniously in achieving the goal of the province. This workshop was chaired by the Prior Provincial, himself.

In opening the workshop, the Prior Provincial explained the seven commitments of the Provincial Council of 2015-2018. He invited the participants to reflect, criticize and give constructive inputs to the commitments. The seven commitments are: communal life, Indonesian-ness and Internationality, spiritual deepening, simplicity and independence, diverse ministries, attention to the laity, and vocation promotion, initial and on-going formation.

After the Prior Provincial delivered his speech, the moderator opened the question and answer session. Most participants responded to the commitments positively. It is followed by a session called as ‘heart to heart’ session. In this session, the participants were invited to share their concern, opinions and thoughts on the province. The participants openly shared their ideas and concerns on the governance of the province, the problems of the communal life, their hope on the provincial council and the province itself, and many other topics. The aims of this session is to ‘see’ and ‘judge’ (evaluate) together the reality experienced by the participants and to find what ‘acts’ can be taken to reach the goal or to solve the problem.

On the second day, the participants were divided into six groups, based on their supervisors. The provincial council members as the supervisors of the commissions, committees and delegations led the discussion in each group. The purpose of this session was to build a good teamwork for each taskforce and set up a common general plan. After they finished their discussion, each group (commission, committee or delegation) was invited to present their plan in a panel discussion group. It was expected that all functionaries may be familiar and understand the plans of each commission, committee and delegation so that they all may be hand in hand in performing their works.

The workshop was closed with a midday prayer at the chapel of Johannes a Sancto Samsone.