Rm. Singgih

Fr. Isidorus Singgih Padmowyoto was born on January 7, 1905 in Yogyakarta. He was the first native Indonesian Carmelites. He joined the Carmelite Novitiate in Boxmeer on September 10, 1931 and was ordained by Mgr. Dr. Olaf J. Smit in Merkelbeek at the Carmelite Seminary, the Netherlands, on July 11, 1937. After undergoing training and ordination in the Netherlands, he was sent back to East Java to do the ministries there.

Fr. Singgih worked very hard not only for the people he ministered but also for the province. Since 1940 the Carmelite seminarians from Indonesia did not have their formation in the Netherlands; they were sent to the Catholic seminary in Yogyakarta to study philosophy. Because of the difficult situation during the Japanese occupation, the Carmelite students had to return to Malang in 1943. Fr. Singgih took a great move quickly and boldly. He received them all in the parish of Kayutangan Malang.

The period between 1942-1945 was really a difficult time for the Vicariate of Malang. The missionaries from Europe were detained in the concentration camps. In the difficult circumstances only priest and nuns who were native Indonesian could continue the pastoral care in the area of the vicariate of Malang. They were Fr. Singgih O. Carm, Fr. Albertus Gondowardoyo, O. Carm, and Sister Laurence, OSU. The three of them served the people in all regions of East Java and Madura. Apparently these priests made an agreement among themselves; they divided their working area. Fr. Singgih served the people living in the western part of the area of the Vicariate of Malang. He lived in the house on Jalan Bromo Malang (now the office of the Carmel Foundation/Dioma). He lived just along with the brothers of Java, because the Dutch brothers were also arrested. Fr. Albertus Gondowardoyo O.Carm. served the eastern area of the Vicariate; he lived in Banyuwangi (Fr. Gondowardoyo was eventually captured by the Japanese and accused of being a spy. He was imprisoned in Sukamiskin, West Java, and died there). Since Fr. Gondo was captured, Fr. Singgih served the entire territory of the Vicariate of Malang. He travelled here and there by his bicycle or on foot. In August 1944 Fr. Singgih together with the studentss and the other Carmelite priest moved temporarily to the convent of the Ursuline Sisters on Jalan Celaket Malang. He died at the age of 64 years and was buried in the cemetery in the area of the convent of the Ursuline Sisters in Malang at the request of his own (this is written in the Chronicle of the convent of the Ursuline Sisters of Malang). On September 25, 2015, the tomb of Fr. Singgih was dismantled. The remnants of his body were transferred to a new tomb at the same location.