On Saturday, August 1, 2015, The Indonesian Province of the Carmelite Order closed its 2015 Provincial Chapter. In the Chapter Fr. Ignasius Budiono O.Carm. was elected to be the Prior Provincial of the Indonesian Province. He is assisted by Fr. F.X. Hariawan Adji O.Carm. as the Vice Prior Provincial. The Councilors are Fr. Alberto Djono Moi O.Carm., Fr. Michael Mulyo Hartomo O.Carm., Fr. Heribertus Supriyadi O.Carm., and Fr. Albertus Medyanto O.Carm. They all are responsible for implementing and ensuring the implementation of all the decisions made by the Chapter. The following seven points are the commitments of the new Provincial Council of the Indonesian Province of the Carmelite Order.

  1. Community Life.

Community is a fundamental aspect of Carmelite life. That’s why we are always invited to renew our community life. We need to give an important place to praying and celebrating the Eucharist together, to dining together and to fraternal gatherings, Lectio Divina, fraternal correction, community meeting, and thus recognizing all of these together as the fraternal activities of our community. Hence, we need to remember that the Prior is not a merely formal position, but, according to our Rule, has an important role in the performance of all the activities of the community. We hope that Priors will perform their duties in uniting and serving [as pastor] in our communities. On the other hand, all the members of the community are invited to support whole-heartedly the life of our communities and of our province.

  1. Our Sense of Being Indonesian and Our Sense of Internationality.

During the Chapter, it seems that there was a good awareness among us that we are [still] united as a province. Hence, our sense of being Indonesian with our common background (ethnicity, languages, dialects, culture, etc.) enrich our identity as Carmelites, and it has to be preserved and even improved. In the future, when the Commissariats in our province have matured as they should, good cooperation should become part of our tradition in our missions and in our living together that this should be established early in the process of formation. We need also to remember, as our Prior General emphasized, that, as the biggest province in our Order, we have a responsibility to make a contribution to the wider mission of our Order internationally. Our Province and our Commissariats have to discern together the implication of this responsibility and to put making a real outcome on our common agenda.

  1. Exploring Spirituality.

The vocation and the main inheritance of Carmelites is focused on the area of spirituality. So, we have to improve our concern and enthusiasm to explore together our spiritual inheritance according to our situation, talents and ability, i.e. by organizing Carmelite study assemblies, [research on Carmelite traditions, seminars about Carmelite Spirituality], etc. In this sense, we have to develop the scientific dimension of the Indonesian Carmelite Institute. We should, further, establish a new commission, “Commission of Dialogue”, that will have the duty of promoting dialogue between Carmelite spirituality and other traditions of spirituality. While requiring the facilities for equipping this effort, Province and Commissariats have to improve the programs that we offer to our brothers, clergy and religious in general, and also to lay people (the faithful) in different groups, through the commissions we have.

  1. Simplicity and Modesty and an Independent Attitude.

As a mendicant Order, we learn to have a simple and modest life. We have to avoid unnecessary spending, and joyfully give a good example of a simple and modest life. This is the way to show our solidarity with those who are the poorest in our society. We should share with others when we have resources for supporting our mission to bring hope and salvation to others. We have to work for the proper welfare of our brothers and for the programs of the Province and Commissariats so that those programs are done well. We realize, however, that our province is not strong financially. Our number is growing bigger, but our assets are very small. In one sense, this can be an advantage and a blessing for us, because we are reminded that we are called to live a simple and modest life and it can also encourage us to build strong solidarity and cooperation among us. It means, that all of us have the responsibility of being concerned about our economic [financial] situation and that this is not something that only the bursars or the financial commission of the province must be concerned about. Although we do not have the same role that the bursars/financial commission have, we also have our own role to play in contributing joyfully to our Province, including its economic-financial aspect, by all our works and activities.

  1. The Development of Mission.

The number of members in our Province will increase for over the coming years, particularly in Eastern Indonesia. This will be an advantage for us all. We have to create together a strategy to develop our mission creatively, including such as parish ministries, spiritual-pastoral ministry, audio-visual communication, pastoral ministry for young people, publishing, alternative schools, etc.

  1. Concern for Lay People.

We have to be concerned about lay people since they have a very special place in our mission of spreading Carmelite spirituality. All of us have some responsibility for this duty. We need to cooperate with lay people and together with them, to discern what may have to be changed or renewed. Together with them, we need to explore fresh ways of developing Carmelite spirituality and spreading it also for the need of the Lay people themselves.

  1. Certain Programs for Promotion Vocation, Formation and Ongoing Formation.

The future of our Province depends on new members joining us. That’s why the promotion of vocation, in the general sense, must be the concern of each member of our Province. In Java and Sumatra, particularly, our communities are our “first seminary”. In the Eastern Indonesia we have a lot of candidates, and the consequence is that we have to improve the formation system. Ongoing formation is a fundamental part for improving our contribution as a Province. Ongoing formation is important and all of us are called to be involved in it. For this reason, we need to arrange an orderly and organized program of ongoing formation.